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3 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Posted on December 13, 2016

It’s that time of year! Time to lug the crates out of the attic, put on some holiday tunes and give your house a seasonal sparkle. There’s no single way to decorate for Christmas, nor is there a right way. Traditional is a good route, but why not change it up this year? Here are three unique ways to decorate your home for Christmas this season.

Get Fancy With The Garland
Do you string it along the windowsill? Or maybe down the banister? Add some spice to it this year. Clad the greenery with festive accessories. String along some lights to add a little sparkle. If you’re trying save energy this season, use clothespins or yarn to decorate the garland with cut out crafts, Christmas cards or colorful ornaments. Instead of wrapping garland along the top of the banister, try it along the stair steps. The festive foliage is still there to decorate your home, but in a unique way.

Hot Cocoa Station
A staple item to the holiday season is all the warm, tasty beverages to indulge in. Instead of keeping the mugs, mixes and marshmallows cooped up in the pantry, use them to decorate the kitchen. All you need is a small table or counter top to set up a hot cocoa station. Aesthetically arrange the essentials, such as mugs, stirrers and dispensers, in an organized fashion. Complete the look with curly ribbon, paper snowflakes or sugar cookies.

Stray From Classic Colors
December comes along, and red and green is suddenly on every store hanger, window and shelf. These traditional colors bring jolly feels, but don’t be afraid to change it up! Decorate the tree with bright-colored ornaments, like hot pink and lime green. Sprinkle the fireplace mantel with warm hues, like orange and yellow. As long as the colors complement each other and you don’t go overboard, consider taking a step out of the norm.

Christmas is a magical time of year. The same songs and decor warm our hearts when the temperatures drop, but don’t be afraid to try some unique ways to decorate your home for Christmas this year. You never know -- the new style you adopt today could become the family tradition for years to come.

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