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5 Signs You Should Invest In New Windows

Posted on February 05, 2014

1. Your Energy Bills Are Scaring You

Your energy bills shouldn’t make your stomach drop through your new shoes and floorboards. If you’ve been sticking to energy-conscious habits around your home and still have outrageous energy bills, your windows could be to blame. San Antonio weather can be on ice one day and soar to sunbathing temperatures the next, so you’ve no doubt been running both your heater and air conditioner in the past couple of weeks. With non-efficient windows, all of that wonderfully warm or comfortably cool air will slip away through cracks and poor sealing.

2. You’re Uncomfortable

If you were interested in the weather outside, you’d be outside! There’s nothing worse than a home that won’t warm up or cool down to you desired temperature. Not only will new windows put a stop to those comfort-killing drafts, but, with Solar Zone glass, they can work to reflect heat away in the summer and trap it inside in the winter.

3. Bugs

Air isn’t the only thing that can travel through a poorly sealed window. How do you feel about ants, spiders, fleas, flies and mosquitoes? If a sick shiver just ran down your spine, it’s time to upgrade those old windows. Cracks or gaps in window, door and foundation sealing are the top spots for insect invasion. Stop itsy bitsy from climbing off your waterspout and in through your window.

4. Water is getting in

Water has its place. We love it in oceans, rivers, lakes and your diet (seriously, you’re probably not drinking enough of it), but not on our windowsills. When water gets in through old, leaky windows, it can wreak havoc on your walls, floors and window fashions. Water damage can cause mold, cracks and weakness in your walls and foundation. Properly sealed windows will solve this problem.

5. Your mother-in-law is coming to town

Bust out your white gloves and get to cleaning! The mother of your sweet husband or wife is coming to visit, and the house needs to be pristine. It’d be a shame if she caught a chill near a drafty window, happened upon a spider or crinkled her nose at the smell of water damage. Are you nervous yet? New window installations are fast and effective! Not only will they give your curb appeal a facelift, they’ll make a great talking point for how energy-conscious your household is.

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