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Bay Window Design Ideas

Posted on March 07, 2017

A bay window, for those of you who may not know, is a window that protrudes outward from your home, which adds more space to the room it’s in. This space can be personalized and decorated in a variety of ways that can really add to the home! Here are five5 different ways to design your bay windowbay window design ideas!

1. Cozy Seating Area
One of the most popular designs for a bay window is to turn it into a seating area. The space created by the window makes for a perfect little nook in which you can read, relax or admire the scenery out the window. By adding cushions, pillows and your coziest blanket, your bay window can be transformed into your new favorite hangout.

2. Extra Storage
For the clutter bugs among us, there is a solution for you when your new window is installed: turn it into a storage area! The bay window seat can be altered to include drawers or to open up from the top, like a chest. Either design can provide a great new space for you to store a variety of things, including blankets, table cloths or anything else you need a home for!

3. Dining Table Seating
Another option for your bay window is to add a dining table. The built-in bench makes for perfect additional seating to your dining/kitchen table, as well as a nice aesthetic for your home. Simply push the table you own up to the bench - and if more seating is necessary, add additional chairs on the opposite side.

4. Desk
A bay window can also make a great area for a built-in desk. In this option, your window ledge will have to be positioned higher than if you were using it for seating purposes. You can have the desk be as simple as flat table, or you can add in drawers and shelving to make it more personalized. The design and final look of your desk is up to you!

5. Indoor Herb Garden
Finally, an optional design for your bay window is to use it for an indoor herb garden. You can place your pots directly on the windowsill or even alter your bay window into a gardening bed itself. An herb garden is particularly a nice idea if your bay window happens to be located above your kitchen sink. This way it’s convenient for when your need to grab ingredients for a recipe.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your bay window, it will make a wonderful addition to any home. Bay windows bring in lots of light and add dimension so a flat wall, bringing nice aesthetic to your home. If you’re contemplating on having bay window installed, give Window World TX a call for information and pricing.

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