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Best Uses of a Bay Window

Posted on October 11, 2016

Besides making you feel like you live in a castle, bay windows come in quite handy. For starters, they’re energy efficient, so they lower the sky-high electric bills that most Texans face during the summer. Having a bay window also increases the value of your home, so that little nook of space can add a big chunk of change to your pocket. 

Money and energy efficiency are great and all, but there are a lot of cooler things that bay windows are good for. If you’re looking for creative way to make use of your new bay window, we’ve brainstormed some pretty awesome ideas below.

Decoration Display

Having a gorgeous bay window gives you the opportunity to showcase your holiday decorations. At Halloween, you can have the spoOoOkiest house because of the space a bay window provides. When Christmas rolls around, you could fit the entire nativity in your bay window space, for crying out loud! So don’t settle on a dinky little 2-foot tree again this year; ‘tis the season for bay windows!

Indoor Garden

Plants are great to have in your home because they’re air-purifying superpowers. If you’re in an apartment or don’t have the yard space to have a garden outside, you can makeshift one from your bay windows. Either by hanging plants or by placing them on a window sill, having a little garden in your window will brighten your home and make it look inviting to those creeping outside of it.

Reading Nook (AKA a place for your cat to sleep)

Bay windows are the ideal place to sit and relax with a good book. Placing a comfortable bench or chair in the area transforms the space into a cozy, reading nook. And what goes with books and coziness better than cats? Any cat owner will tell you that their cat loves lying in the sun. When you’re not occupying your reading chair, it can be a little nap pad for your cat. Better yet, put two chairs in the bay window and avoid any cat/owner confrontation, because let’s face it - the cat always wins.

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