Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Front Door Image

Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Front Door

Posted on December 28, 2016

There are many aspects to curb appeal: Siding, roofing, front yard space, color — the list goes on and on. But when you’re looking to update your house, a beautiful, new front door should be one of the focal points of your renovation.

Having an ill-fitting front entry door may not necessarily break your house’s curb appeal, but, without a doubt, the perfect door will absolutely make it. The perfect door is like a big, beautiful ribbon on top of a present: It ties everything together.

Window World TX offers multiple styles of front entry doors, with customizable features that can be mixed and matched to fit your home and your budget. With 14 different styles of door, six different stains and 18 different colors to choose from, the door of your dreams is bound to be just a look away.

On top of varied customization options, Window World offers other features for any door, including increased security and energy efficient options. Anyone looking for extra security can get optional 22-gauge steel doors or steel-reinforced jambs for better protection, and atop that, the rails and stiles can be made with a rot-free composite that keeps them from wearing out. And all doors have a fire rating of up to 90 minutes.

Replacing your front door can even come with the bonus of saving you money in the long run. Energy-efficient door options are available, including doors with foam cores that have an R-Value of 13. Energy-efficient home choices lower your home’s electricity bill over time as they prevent temperature transfer between the air conditioning indoors and the weather outdoors.

The front door of your house can set the stage for the style and the mood of the rest of your home. A rustic, traditional front door can tell of a country-style ranch home, while sleek, simple door designs give a more modern vibe. The possibilities go on.

When it comes to front door replacement, the opportunities for customization are truly endless. When you decide it’s time to step up your curb appeal — be it to sell or to update it for yourself — just remember all the options that are out there.

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