Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Garage Door Image

Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Garage Door

Posted on April 25, 2017

Nobody ever buys just a house. Every decision made about the kitchen, yard and neighborhood is furthering an investment into not a house but a home. It’s the groundwork for a family’s place to nurture, learn and love.

But as a home grows, the house also ages. Years of weather (sometimes severe weather - like in hurricane season), natural decay and shifts in time can cause a structure, which once held stature and style, to be worn and outdated.

Don’t fret. An update may not be as grand as you’re anticipating. Often, the small change of a new garage door can be enough to improve your curb appeal. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Stay Classy
For a home to have good curb appeal, it must complement those around it, and polish starts with the basics. A classic, traditional steel garage door is durable, timeless and a trustworthy investment.

Consider this Traditional Steel—it’s subtle, but you can mix and match between four different panel designs, six colors and a wide variety of window options to perfectly customize your garage door. The handsome finish will boost your curb appeal while complementing the surrounding homes as well.

Stay Cost-Efficient
Wear and tear is inevitable, but the upkeep may not be as extravagant as you think. The small change of garage door will keep your house attractive, dated and affordable.

The Steel Carriage House style allows a little more personal style for the home, but it will still fit in along the curb. Choose from a variety of window styles and finish color options while staying in budget. Attractive and affordable—what else could you ask for?

Stay Trendy
Times change and so do styles. A trendy update, done right, can add style to a home without causing an eyesore.

For example, the Premium Carriage House garage doors are elegant and chic. The authentic carriage house design will subtly stand out in a good way.

Also, their beauty is more than skin deep. The fine quality doors are made of heavy-gauge steel, providing durability and low-maintenance qualities.

A home will shift and adapt with time. Don’t forget to do the same for your house.

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