Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Siding Image

Boost Your Curb Appeal: New Siding

Posted on February 21, 2017

When it comes to keeping a house clean and up-to-date, nothing makes a bigger first impression than curb appeal. Your yard, your windows and especially your siding can make or break the look you want your house to give off. In particular, cracked, molding or otherwise deteriorated siding can give your house a dilapidated look.

A lot of the time, a good, old-fashioned cleaning will do the trick. Annually cleaning your house’s siding prolongs its lifespan by removing grit, grime and mildew that can destroy siding over time. You can rent a power washer for about $75 a day, but take care if you don’t have experience using one. Improperly using a power washer can strip the paint from your house, destroy softwood, eat through mortar or loosen caulking. It can also force moisture through joints and behind the siding. If you’re uncertain about handling a power washer yourself, a professional cleaning by someone familiar with the risks of improper power washer use can clean the house in less than a day.

Sometimes, your siding is in a bad state and needs to be replaced, or it gives your home a dated look that keeps it from looking its best. When that’s the case, it might be time to consider siding replacement. Updated vinyl siding can completely change the look of your house. It comes in a multitude of colors and textures that each provide a different look. Check out a few of them on our siding replacement page. Replacement siding can even improve the energy efficiency of your house if chosen well. Prodigy siding is a heavily insulated siding that will prevent heat or air loss from your house, bringing your energy bill down in the long run. And lastly, perhaps the most dramatic siding update you can choose is Brickstone masonry, a highly versatile and customizable brick siding with a lifetime warranty. Brickstone’s value comes from its ability to be applied over anything, its fireproof nature and its weatherproofing. Using Brickstone can even lower your homeowner’s insurance in some instances. It even comes in different types of stone and brick, providing unique, custom siding to fit every house.

Having trouble deciding which siding is right for you? Check out the Window World visualizer program! You can upload a picture of your house and try different sidings to see what you like.

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