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Bringing Art Deco Into Your Home

Posted on June 11, 2014

When Baz Lurhman brought Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to the silver screen, he did more than satisfy those wishing for another glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio in a tuxedo. His cinematic vision brought Art Deco back in style in a roaring 20s kind of way. Forget the parties and weddings that will try to emulate the style and grandeur of that time and look indoors to furniture and fashion. If you want to decorate your own home in a style that is both modern and nostalgic, check out our decor suggestions below. Here’s our take on an Art Deco room that’s to die for, Old Sport.


When you choose a coffee table, dresser or end table, etc., choose one with geometric embellishments. In Art Deco style, this is usually achieved with mirrors and molding. Look for pieces that feature circles, domes or rounded depressions. Fabrics also featured bold uplifting styles like chevrons and starbursts. We love this mirrored hallway table featured on HGTV. If you prefer more reserved furniture, check out the mixed media section below and use smaller geometric art pieces or accessories to spice things up.


Art Deco means big and embellished. Let the light in through big shape windows with decorative cut glass from Window World TX. Opt for a geometric design that works well with the other pieces in your room. When dressing your windows, you can go all out or simply accessorize. Let your hardware do the talking with decorative, polished chrome or gold. Paired with billowing, Buchanan-inspired curtains, this hardware can add a glamorous gleam to any window. On the other hand, you can completely embrace the patterns and luxury with bold patterns and colors. For custom curtains at a lower cost, try a window treatment company that cuts out the middleman. Remember, more is more! So don’t forget the tassels!

Mixed Media

The uplifting spirit of the twenties even materialized in its furniture. Polished woods, gleaming metals and sparkling glass were stylishly combined in perfect harmony. Where the geometric patterns may be harder to find, simple mixed media pieces are still abundant today. These side tables perfectly exemplify the mixed-media style of Art Deco. Find your favorite wooden pieces that feature glass tops and chrome hardware.

Art Deco should be luxurious without being stuffy, uplifting without being childish, and modern without being cold. Let it embrace an old favorite while showcasing your own unique style. You’ve seen some of our favorite pieces and ideas. What are yours? Which aspect of the Art Deco style to you want to recreate in your home?

For more design ideas and custom windows in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, call Window World TX today!

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