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Choosing the Right Color for Your Front Door

Posted on December 13, 2013

Choosing a new color for your front door is no small feat. The wrong style or color can throw your entire look out of whack, while the right ones can tie everything together perfectly. I learned, through first hand experience, color combinations don’t always look as fabulous in person as they did floating around my imagination. After my first paint job left me with an Easter pink door, I took more care in my selections. When you’re ready to replace your front door with something new, make it easy on yourself and check out our tips below!

Get Crafty
Reach back into the memories of your arts and crafts filled childhood for this easy front door selecting visual. Grab your cell phone or digital camera and snap a picture of your house from the sidewalk out front. Print out a full page sized photo and cut your door out of the photo. Bring this handy little tool with you to the hardware store to aid in selecting a new color. Simply grab the paint samples you’re interested in, slide them behind the photo and gauge which color suits your home the best.

Most people imitate the clothes and styles of their favorite celebrities, so it’s not a stretch to think that we should snag some pointers from the houses we like. Most neighborhoods use the same homebuilder. Walk, jog, bike or drive around your neighborhood and take note of door styles and colors you like. Look for houses with similar siding and roof colors to your own, unless you plan on doing a major home makeover.

Keep it Classic
If you aren’t ready to branch out into the world of bold statement doors, don’t worry. When it comes down to it, you just can’t beat the classics. A navy door will match perfectly with the darker tones in red brick. The dark and glossy espresso of wooden doors can complement pale stucco as well as darker bricks. The perfect grey can create a balance between the warm and cool tones of your home’s exterior. The real key to color selection lies in subtlety. Find a subtle tone that your roof, trim and siding have in common and bring it out in your door.

A great front door can be the jumping off point for both interior and exterior decoration. Foyers and gardens are influenced by them and, in resale, a door color can take your home from average to must-have. We hope these tips help to relieve the pressure of revamping the entrance to your home. Don’t forget to ask your local door and window company about custom paint on new energy efficient doors for style and savings!

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