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Decorating a Room to Enhance Your Windows

Posted on April 04, 2017

Windows are often said to the eyes of your home. The transparent spaces on the wall look out into nature, show raindrops running down them and lead the sunlight into your home. These windows often go unnoticed. Blinds and shades can make a big difference. But some other types of decorations can also make the best use of natural light windows.

1. Embrace your windows by making them the focal point

If you want your windows to get noticed, try adding a strong furniture piece in front of them. Imagine a grand piano in a white room, sitting between bay windows with the light shining down on the keys. Having a focal point in front of the windows will lead a gaze to the windows alone.

2. Run the curtains from ceiling to floor

Elongated curtains will make the ceilings appear to be higher. This really opens up the room and is a great window accessory.

3. Interact with your windows

Much like a dominate piece of furniture will lead a guest’s gaze to the window, rugs can have the same effect. The light will shine through onto the rug and enhance its detail. Often windows can look bland standing alone, so place a rug in front of them. Also, border the windows with picture frames or book shelves.

4. Window seats

Window seats are great to bring life and light into the room as well. Not only do these seats only enhance your room and the décor, but they have potential to give life to a new reading nook. Natural light is the best for reading. These spaces can be great for relaxing or watching the rain tap on the windows.

Get creative with your windows. Don’t let the natural light go to waste. There are so many simple changes to be made in order to make the most of your home!

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