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Go DIY or Professional Installation?

Posted on March 19, 2014

Spring is here, and it’s time to take care of those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off. It may be time to spruce your place up architecturally, and what better way to do so than to ditch your old and inefficient windows for a newer, money-saving option? First, find your windows. Choose your model (we always recommend Energy Star-approved windows) and make your measurements. Now, when it comes down to the actual installation, will you strap on your DIY hat and install your new windows yourself or play it safe and hire a professional like Window World TX?

This can really only go one of two ways. Either you’re capable of correctly installing your new windows and will do so yourself or you aren’t and you’ll hire a professional to do the job. When considering both sides of this scenario, ask yourself these questions.

Are you handy?

It may be best to get a second opinion on this one. A lot of people consider themselves handy, but their opinion is a tad bit self-inflated. If you’re no stranger to the hardware store and have performed similar installations with wood or metal before, a window installation may be a walk in the park. If you’ve never weatherproofed, leveled, sealed, drilled or otherwise wielded a power tool, it’s best to leave this particular project to the pros. If your new windows are improperly installed, they won’t perform as advertised. You could lose all of those promised savings to leaks and drafts due to a botched installation.

Is this installation company reputable?

Yes, there are probably plenty of reputable window installation companies to choose from in your area. The problem is that other not-so-estimable companies have peppered themselves into the mix as well. Besides checking out the client testimonials and reviews online, look for a window installation company that will back its work with warranties. (And not just a product warranty, look for the warranty trifecta! That means all labor, parts and products should come with warranties.) If the company can back up its work with those guarantees, it’s a safe choice. Don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List for more ratings and testimonials. 

Get ready for a huge boost in curb appeal. Your new windows can be the final touch, or the jumping-off point, in a springtime facelift for your home. Whether you do the work yourself or let a professional handle the task, make sure the proper care and consideration is taken. Once correctly installed, you can enjoy the visual and fiscal benefits of your new windows. Then, with the money you save on energy bills, you can buy some treatments worthy of such fine windows.

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