Holiday Window Decorations for Your Home

Posted on November 26, 2013

Has this chilly weather put you in a holiday state of mind? While you’re arranging cornucopias or decking the halls, don’t neglect the best built-in canvases for holiday decorations, your windows. On top of saving you big bucks on energy this winter, your windows can showcase your personal sense of decorating style. At Window World TX, we never miss a chance to show our windows a little love. What better way to do that than making them a joyful focal point in your home this holiday season?

Here are a few of our absolute favorite window decorations. Try them out with your own personal spin!

Pennant banners are a great way to display a personal message. Our favorite decoration for Thanksgiving is creating a pennant banner that reads “Give Thanks” or “Thankful” and draping them from the top corners of your window. You can use your favorite fall-themed fabric or even scrapbooking paper to create the banners. Then handwrite, stencil or use stickers to write out your message. If your windows already boast a great view, your banner will draw even more attention and appreciation.

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This next decoration is perfect for an elegant and whimsical Christmas decoration. You’ll need a good assortment of lace doilies and double-sided tape. Simply arrange the doilies in the shape of a Christmas tree and apply your design to your window!

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We love the modern look of this window sill decoration. Hang or arrange your favorite ornaments, candles, pine sprigs, holly and more! For an extra festive touch, sprinkle everything with some faux snow.
We love decorating for the holidays. Dressing your windows in their winter best is a great example of space-saving decor! When the time comes to clean everything up, check out our great tutorial on cleaning your energy-efficient double hung windows. Are drafty and cold windows dampening your holiday spirit? Don’t forget that we are the home of the $189 Replacement Window! Talk about holiday savings!

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