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How to Pick the Right Siding

Posted on March 05, 2014

Siding can make or break a home’s curb appeal. If you’re trying to sell, it can cost you potential buyers and even more money. Whether your siding is grimy, broken or a total color catastrophe, it can be the difference between your house being the envy or the embarrassment of the block. So, when you’re designing (or redesigning) your home, what are the dos and don’ts of siding?

Do Choose Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

You don’t want to have to clean or replace your home’s siding over and over again, and neither will a potential buyer. Wooden siding may be classic, but it isn’t lasting or easy to clean. For a similar look, we recommend going with a premium vinyl siding. They offer superior durability and are available with richly detailed oak grain or matte finishes. You can achieve the classic look of wooden siding, with the added strength of heightened impact resistance and energy-saving home insulation. Are you more of a brick person? There are cost-effective ways to give your home a full masonry makeover. Full masonry siding like Window World TX’s Brickstone can mimic any color of existing or desired stone or brick for a fraction of the price. It also carries the energy-efficient and weather and impact-resistant benefits of premium vinyl.

Don’t Go Crazy With Your Colors

Unless you live on a particularly colorful street in New Orleans or in a row of showy beach homes, keep those wild colors off of your exterior. (If you need to show your funky side, use your wardrobe like everybody else.) Choosing a lighter color doesn’t mean a bland eggshell or white. Lighter colored siding can make small homes look larger and can be paired well with accent doors and darker trim. Medium tones can really warm up a home’s appearance and go well with most architectural styles. If you’re bold enough to go dark, remember to offset it with a lighter trim and always color coordinate with your roof. Remember to look at real color samples before making any decisions. Colors may look differently online than they do in person.

Do Match the Style of Your Home

Choosing the best siding for your home ultimately comes down to coordinating with the style of the house itself. More modern homes feature stucco where classic colonials showcase sturdy brick. Your existing roof color and any stone features are very important to remember when choosing both style and color for your siding. For example, a red, Spanish tile roof won’t mesh well with dark or wood grain sidings. For maximum curb appeal and resale value, work with your home’s style, not against it. Don’t try to turn a bungalow into a colonial or make a Mediterranean into a Cape Cod. The best siding will support and enhance your home’s defining features, not clash with them.

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