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How to Prevent Sun Bleaching

Posted on April 30, 2014

We have a bone to pick with the sun. You know, that yellow dwarf that controls the Earth and its climate. Sure, it’s looking good for 4.6 billion years old. (But don’t stare too long, please.) Yes, it does cool stuff like frying eggs on a sidewalk. But let’s not forget the damage it is capable of! (Namely, how it will engulf the Earth in about five billion years. Rude.) Today, with it a safe distance away, the Sun can scorch skin, cause heat stroke, shrivel up crops and more. But I’m going to focus inside your home. What’s that? Thought that roof kept your home safe? Think again.

Natural light is a sought-after feature in any home. On top of being the most flattering light source, it also happens to be free! But homeowners should be wary of the effects of direct sunlight on window fashions, carpeting and other flooring inside your home. In the same way that prolonged exposure to the sun can lighten your hair - flooring, furniture, curtains and anything else in direct sunlight will fade as well. (Wooden floors can even warp, weaken and need replacing.) Luckily for you, Window World TX has the solution you seek! If you want to enjoy your natural light without having to worry about a fast-fading interior, look to the very objects letting the sunlight in - your windows!

With SolarZone glass from Window World TX, you can enjoy a fade-free interior as well as lower energy bills. Its UV-filtering properties protect your furniture and flooring while reducing solar heat gain and loss in your home. This means you stay cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and you won’t have to worry about replacing expensive flooring and furniture. Want to see it work in person? You can experience how our SolarZone Low-E, UV-Filtering glass works first hand at our San Antonio, Austin or Corpus Christi locations.

Call or visit us today for more information on UV-Filtering glass in San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi!

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