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How to Protect Your Car and Home From Hail Damage

Posted on April 25, 2016

San Antonio is unfortunately once again bracing for another hail storm. We saw up to golf-ball sized hail (1.75 inches in diameter) last night in certain parts of town, and more hail is expected later today. (Hail bigger than one inch in diameter is typically when car/home damage begins.) Of course, this is coming off the heels of the costliest hail storm in Texas history just a few weeks ago.

So is there anything you can do right now to protect your car and home? In the immediate, following common sense is the best course of action.

Regarding your car, try to get under some sort of cover if hail is imminent. If you know a hail storm is on the way and have no chance of parking under cover, Progressive Insurance recommends you duct tape blankets to the top, window and hood of your car – as long as you’re not putting yourself in any danger to do so. You’ll have to remove the sticky residue from the car, but it likely won’t cause any permanent damage to your paint. It’s always best, however, to try the tape on a non-noticeable part of the paint job, just to make sure.

As for your home, it’s important to be prepared for the potential of broken windows. Having towels and covers ready to prevent water from entering the home will go the longest way to prevent damage in the short term. As for the long term, there are a couple of investments you can make to prepare for the next storm. High-quality windows – anything from double-paned windows to hurricane impact windows if you live on the coast – will afford you peace of mind next time hail is a threat in your area. In addition, wind shutters can offer extra protection from the elements. And if you’re concerned about siding, Brickstone Masonry, for example, offers siding that is both fireproof and built to withstand hurricane force winds and elements.

Let's hope we're done with the hail for this spring. For now, stay safe and dry, San Antonio.

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