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Preparing Your Home For Colder Weather

Posted on October 16, 2013

The weather is cooling down and that means starting to think about keeping warm. You can wrap yourself and your family up in sweaters and scarves, but what about your house? Doesn’t your biggest investment deserve a little cold weather care? How are you going to keep all of that pleasant, warm air from escaping your home into the cold outdoors? When you’re piling on your own insulation (long sleeves, layers, etc.) don’t forget to think about your house. If your siding and insulation isn’t doing its job, a bridge (a thermal bridge, to be exact) is created between inside your home and out, allowing conditioned air to escape.

You can destroy that thermal bridge with proper home insulation and siding. Whether you take the traditional route of an energy-efficient vinyl siding, like our Comfort World 4000 Energy Plus Siding, or our premium, full-masonry Brickstone siding, you’ll be adding superior insulation to your home’s exterior. A siding replacement or new installation is a great time to make sure that the insulation beneath it is in good shape.

There are other ways for warm air to escape your home. Is drafty one of the words you would use to describe your windows? If so, you’ve got a big energy problem on your hands. All things being equal, energy flows from the high temperature to a lower one. This means all of the warm air that your heater is working to pump out will constantly flow through those drafty windows into the chilly outdoors. Not only is this bad for comfort, it’s bad for energy efficiency and the life of your air conditioner. Overworked heaters have a lifespan much shorter than those operating in properly sealed, efficient homes.

Give your heater a break with some new or replacement windows for your home. Properly sealed, installed and American-crafted windows can make all the difference! Window World TX’s 4000 Series Double-Hung Windows are sure to impress with their sleek construction, maintenance-free frames and major energy savings. A properly sealed and insulated home doesn’t just look better - it performs better. It’s time to stop that escaping air. For more information on siding, windows and other ways you can save energy this fall, give us a call today!

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