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Preparing Your Home for Summer

Posted on July 11, 2016

Summer weather has been here for a while now. You may have adjusted, but has your home? Prepping your home for the new season is important. To avoid a tragic transition, here are 5 tips to save your home from the summer heat.

1. Look at the structural aspect of your front and back doors. Is the weather stripping still good? Is the caulking there? Are there any gaps? All of these things are important energy saving aspects for your home. Changes in temperature can alter these parts of your home and may need to new doors for summer time.

2. Check out your windows. Can you feel heat coming from them? If so, it’s time to consider replacement windows for your home. If you live on the coast, is your home protected from a potential hurricane? Summer is hurricane season, so look into the possibility of hurricane impact windows. Also, wash your windows! Shiny, streak free windows allow for a sun-kissed glow in your home.

3. AC maintenance is a must. To aid with summer energy bills, change your air filters to allow a fresh and easy air flow. Turn your fans counter-clockwise to push air down and create a stronger breeze.

4. Brighten up the place. Update your place with brighter, lighter and warmer decor. And by warm we don’t mean hot! Warmer colors are a must for summer. Warm tones like reds, oranges, yellows and pinks will give your home a sun-kissed look. You can also use bursts of cool, toned decor to give your home a nice pop! Also, for a more summery-look, lose the black-out drapes and put up sheer curtains to let the sun shine through. If you’re worried about energy usage, double-line your windows with both types of curtains and draw the blackout curtains back when it’s not too hot outside.

5. Cook at the right time. So you like to cook? Good. But be cautious of the time of day you use your kitchen. The prime time for less heat is in the morning. Using your oven during the day can cause your home to get even hotter and kick your air conditioning into overdrive. Secondly, is your fridge clean? How about the freezer? If not, do a full sweep of both. Throw away anything that is older than a year to make room for ice cream and summer treats.

Prepping your home for the summer doesn’t need to be a big project. These simple steps can help with your summer energy bills.

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