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Steps to a Better Patio

Posted on October 31, 2013

Your covered patio is a great place to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’ve been experiencing here in south Texas. You can make it into a year-round, outdoor retreat with a combination of small touches and big changes. Check out our favorite patio enhancing tips below and see what will work for your home!

Flooring & Edging
Most homes come with a standard, poured-cement patio. As you know, this can look pretty drab compared to the surrounding landscape and furniture. A small fix would be to line the edge of your concrete patio with a clumping and flowering Monkey Grass and then space inexpensive solar footpath lamps within the grass. This will hide any ugly edges as well as adding a beautiful natural aspect to your patio. Monkey Grass is sturdy, heat resistant and generally stays a deep evergreen year round. The lights are perfect for when your day outdoors transitions to night. A bigger fix would be to have your concrete patio acid stained. Stained concrete is growing in popularity due to its unique coloring and easy upkeep. Pricing varies by square footage, so shop around for a company with excellent reviews and affordable prices.

Those cheap plastic chairs never have and never will look good. If you spend a lot of time on your patio during the summer, why not invest in some attractive and comfortable furniture? The perk of a covered patio is that your furniture will be protected from the rain and fading in the sun. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money regardless, check out Walmart for great patio sets less than $500.

Patio Door
It isn’t fun to have to muscle open an old sliding door to get out to your patio. Now that you’ve made it into a great place to spend time, why not make it easier to get there? Replacing your sliding doors with new ones or even making the change to French patio doors will increase your home’s energy efficiency, resale value and overall appearance. You can choose the best paint color, hardware style and glass design to complement both your interior and outdoor decoration. Check out your local door and window company for an affordable and energy efficient replacement door for your patio.

Teaming the little things, like footpath lamps, with larger improvements, like a new patio door, can really change the look and feel of your patio.

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