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The Benefits of Bay Windows

Posted on May 29, 2014

Bay windows are an attractive addition to any home. Not only do they add dimension to the exterior of your home, they are multi-functional indoors as well. Whether you desire a easily-accessible kitchen herb garden, a cozy reading alcove, space-saving seating in your breakfast nook or even a beautiful home office, new or existing bay windows can give you the decorative edge (or ledge) you were looking for.

Stylish Seating

“You know, I really just hate window seats,” said no one ever! Window seats are probably the most universally loved form of seating next to the La-Z-Boy, and nothing makes a better window seat than a bay window. A great way to showcase a great bay window in your breakfast nook is by installing a window seat. This will save the space that a bigger table or more chairs would have taken up. For the design-savvy, changing up your cushion cover every so often will provide an instant makeover for your comfy booth-like seating.

Office with a View

In many workplaces, an office with a window, let alone an office with a view, can be hard to come by. If you get to take your work home with you or work there to begin with, take advantage of your bay window for a enviable workspace. Installing a built-in desk in your bay window can be a fun DIY project for a weekend or, if you’d rather hire a professional, a work of art done by your local carpenter. Matching your crown molding will create luxurious and custom feel while the natural light and a great view enhance your mood and productivity.

Handy Herb Garden

A popular place for bay windows is right above the kitchen sink. While this space could house random knick-knacks, we recommend using it for growing your favorite herbs. The plants will benefit from the sunlight and direct proximity to the sink for easy watering. Not only will the plants add pleasant smells and a decorative green to your kitchen, but they’ll be easily accessible when you need a sprig of rosemary or thyme for tonight’s dinner.

Reading Nook

Let’s not forget the ever-popular reading nook option for bay windows. Whether it’s in your bedroom or your living room, installing a window seat will create a space that just begs to be read in. A comfortable cushion and a few decorative throw pillows later, you’ll have your own personal escape into your favorite literary works.

When you’re ready to replace your home’s windows, keep these design options from Window World TX in mind. Beautiful San Antonio bay windows can help to completely makeover a home with both fashion and function.

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