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The Most Popular Home Siding

Posted on May 09, 2017

As you are driving through a neighborhood, you may notice that there are many different kinds of home siding ts that people use. For instance, you might see cedar, vinyl, stucco or stone. Whether it be for money or protection reasons, it is important for homeowners to be educated on the kind of siding their home has.

Brickstone Masonry

Stonework, or masonry, is one of the most popular home sidings you will see in neighborhoods. Brickstone Masonry is a home siding company located in San Antonio, TX that allows homeowners to customize their home siding. Color, style, size and pattern are all things that can be modified to your personal preference with Brickstone home siding. Brickstone is also carefully hand applied, hand textured and hand sculpted to your satisfaction.


Brickstone is also a common home siding because of the protection it serves. It is one of the most durable sidings you can add to your home as it is unaffected by wind, rain, salt, hail and fire. It serves as great protection for your home and can also lower your home owner’s insurance. Brickstone is also maintenance free, which might be the biggest bonus for home owners.

Easy Installation

Lastly, installing Brickstone home siding is an easy process. The siding can be fully installed within just four steps. It can be installed to any home with slab or pier foundations without the need for additional footings, and it can also be applied on the full home or as a skirting.

Brickstone Masonry home siding company, owned by Window World TX, offers quality stonework that can resemble any stone or brick. This family-owned business has left thousands of customers satisfied by providing durable home siding and delivering professional service.

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