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Three Signs You Need New Windows

Posted on June 28, 2016

In life, there are certain signs that you need to change what you are doing. If you accidently hit yourself with the bat every time you swing, that is a sign that you probably shouldn’t play baseball. If you get violently ill every time you eat a pizza or queso, that is a sign that you may be lactose intolerant and should lay off the cheese. But how can you tell if you need to get new windows? Well, luckily for you, Window World TX knows when to consider replacement windows. Here are three signs you need new windows:

Your windows start leaking breezes into your house

If your windows are too old, the frame around it may be weary. That could cause a draft to come through your home. Over time a window will allow more air to come through. Weather strips and sealants are only temporary solutions. Eventually this will necessitate new windows.

Your windows are difficult to open or shut

If your windows are difficult to open or shut, that is more of an operating failure than a sign of old age. Still, it can be hazardous and could point to larger issues with the window in general. If it is ever a hassle to open or shut them, it is definitely time to consider window replacement.

Your energy bill starts to rise

A small amount of air leakage may be natural with any windows, even ones that work properly. However, if your energy bill starts to rise beyond what you expect, you may want to trade in your old windows for newer, more energy-efficient windows. Finding exactly which window is the trouble window could be a little difficult, but once the culprit is narrowed down then action should be done. The price for a new window will cost less in the long run than a window that is doing a number on your energy bill.

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