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Three Signs You Need Siding Replacement

Posted on July 09, 2014

Home siding isn’t just for looks. With the right siding, you can insulate and protect your home while improving your energy efficiency. Has your current siding seen better days? Do you spend more time patching it up than not? Are you energy bills higher than you’d like them to be? These reasons plus the three listed below are sure signs that it’s time for a home siding replacement.

You Live Near The Coast

Believe it or not, there are hurricane-proof siding options available to Coastal Bend homeowners. James Hardie’s HZ10 product line offers a variety of siding options for every climate. Brickstone full masonry siding was tested by Category 5 Hurricane Celia and bested it. Unlike wood siding, many vinyl sidings are designed specifically to withstand heavy winds, rain and everything Mother Nature can throw at them.

You Have Old Wood Siding

Wood siding is more susceptible to dry rot than the newer reinforced, impact-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant vinyl siding. New vinyl siding won’t show scratches, comes in many colors and designs (it can even look like wood) and even breathes like wood to prevent moisture buildup.

Unwelcome Guests

It happens all of the time. A homeowner is outside, dutifully watering potted plants when he or she notices a flash of grey and a little tail vanishing under the side of their home’s siding. Unless those little guys are sewing dresses for you and springing you from a locked room just in time for the ball, they shouldn’t be there. Old, broken or poorly installed siding is an open invitation to bugs, rodents and other pests in the market for a new place. They can compromise the integrity of your walls as they burrow closer to the interior of your home.

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