Top Movie Scenes Involving Windows

Posted on February 16, 2016

Out of all of the attributes involving a home or business, windows often go overlooked. From letting in sunlight to enabling people-watchers, new windows provide luxuries that only the magic of Hollywood could highlight. Sure, there are plenty of films about people who did great things, but have you watched any awesome window movies lately? If not, here are a few scenes you should check out.

Rear Window

This Alfred Hitchcock film starring James Stewart *swoon* and Grace Kelly revolves around an open window. Stewart plays a photographer whose broken leg leaves him confined to a wheelchair. When life gave Jimmy lemons, he found an open window and became a nosy neighbor. He quickly finds out that snooping around only leads to trouble, but he does it anyway because who wouldn’t creep on their neighbors if given the chance?!

Secret Window

Besides the fact Johnny Depp is in this film and his acting is worth its weight in gold, this movie is about a window that commits murder! Well…not really, but it has something to do with a murder. Depp plays a struggling writer who lives in his robe (much like myself) and is trying to finish his novel while working through a nasty divorce. An extremely suspicious man, played by John Turturro, enters the picture and things get really creepy really fast. The highlight of the film is Depp’s insatiable craving for Doritos – you and me both, Johnny.

Home Alone

If you have yet to see the Home Alone movies, you need to reevaluate some things because they are American Christmas diamonds – the first two, anyway. The story is about a sassy young boy who accidently gets left at home when his family leaves for vacation. While his family is gone, two burglars try to break into his house. Little do the burglars know, Kevin McAllister does NOT play. The most memorable scene is when one of the burglars tries to climb through a window barefoot (?) and steps on a bunch of glass ornaments that McAllister had strategically laid. Needless to say, the burglars are unsuccessful and McAllister shouts, ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!’

What's your favorite movie scene involving a window?

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