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Top Three Organic Window-Cleaning solutions

Posted on May 25, 2017

When it comes to the stuff you spray around the house to keep everything fresh and clean, not everybody thinks twice about the chemicals they’re pumping into the air. For that, organic cleaners are the go-to for healthier, greener and more natural cleaning solutions. Below are a few organic cleaners for home windows that make the cut for getting cleaner windows with a safer formula.

Mrs. Meyer’s Glass Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer’s glass cleaner is part of a wider range of products offered by the brand, all of them organic. The glass cleaner is made up of 99% naturally derived ingredients and is an ammonia-free, organic solution for glass-cleaning needs. The Mrs. Meyer’s glass cleaning spray comes in lavender and lemon verbena scents.

Method Glass+Surface Cleaner

Method’s glass and surface cleaner is an ammonia-free solution to dirtiness and streaks on windows and mirrors everywhere. With its Powergreen technology, Method’s glass cleaner is guaranteed to get rid of dust, handprints, streaks and anything else marring your house’s windows. The glass+surface cleaner comes in mint and waterfall scents, and tips and tricks for using this product are available on their website.

iQ Eco-Smart Cleaning Products

iQ cleaner is a versatile, spray-bottle cleaner that comes with refill cartridges that mix with water when the bottle is filled. The cartridges can be replaced again and again, and the bottles can be used continuously, reducing plastic waste by 80% in the long run, especially if a single spray bottle is used in conjunction with multiple cartridges. Each cartridge serves a different function, from bathroom cleaners to floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and glass cleaners. The glass cleaning cartridge comes in a bamboo berry scent and can be used on stainless steel and mirrors as well as windows.

Get out there and clean green!

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