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What to Ask Your Window Contractor

Posted on November 10, 2016

Searching for a window contractor is crucial to your window purchasing process. Replacing windows may be easy, but you do not want the wrong person (or company) to do it. Improperly installed windows can cause a variety of problems down the line. When buying new windows, you’ll most likely have to hire a contractor. Finding the best one can be a difficult process so we’ve put together a list to help you find what to ask your window contractor.

1. Do you have a license?
The most important question you can ask a company you’re considering is if it has a license to do the work what you’re expecting. There are different licenses for different types of work. You will want to hire someone who has a license specifically for installation. This will save you tons of time and money in the long run.

2. Do you have liability insurance and worker’s compensation?
It is ideal to ask for proof of insurance and to physically receive a copy of the insurance certificate. If for any unforeseen reason there is an accident on your property, you will want to ensure that you are protected.

3. What are your reviews like?
Any reputable contractor or company, like Window World TX, will be able to show references for its work. Before hiring, you’ll want to ensure that the company and the manufacturer of your new home windows have a good reputation. It’s ideal to also talk to your potential contractor about previous complaints or issues with other customers. You’ll want to know that if a problem should arise, you will know that the company can resolve and issues.

4. How long have you been in business?
It is completely acceptable to base your opinion on how long a company or specific contractor has been in business. Five years is an ideal time frame to look at when it comes to choosing a company. You’ll want to be sure that the person you hire is well-established and has a plethora of knowledge on what he or she is doing.

The right window company can guarantee your home holds the most valuable protection. When it comes to choosing that contractor, it is important to ask the right questions and get the most information possible. By asking these questions, you can home in on the right person or company for the job.

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