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Why Window World TX Supports St. Jude

Posted on August 05, 2016

There are few undeniably good things in this world. Most good things come with a sort of caveat, something that takes away from their general goodness. Dogs are fantastic pets, until they go to the bathroom in your room. Christmas is a day filled with happiness, unless that one annoying uncle shows up. The beach is awesome, but I mean we’ve all seen Jaws.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, on the other hand, is one of the unassailable good things around. It's why we support St. Jude is different ways - including our annual Window World Cares Charity Golf Classic.

When tasked about writing about St. Jude, the question is what to begin with. Should it be its excellence in medicine? Its charity work? Its research? How well St. Jude treats its employees? How about we start with what actually happens at St. Jude: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a non-profit dedicated to treating children with terrible diseases - from cancer to other life-threatening illnesses. That sort of work requires the kind of integrity and brilliance normally reserved for superheroes. And that’s what St. Jude is – heroes. Families who can’t afford it will not receive a bill for services.

St. Jude and its staff have won countless awards, but perhaps most telling about them is that its praises are not the first things you see when you visit the St. Jude website. Instead, the stories of its patients are the first things you see. Humility is not a lost cause with St. Jude. Neither, of course, is its obvious excellence in its field. Another telling thing about St. Jude is how many awards it has won for being a great workplace. That ranges from several "100 Best Companies to Work For" awards from Fortune Magazine to being named “One of the top 10 Best Places to Work in Academia” for seven straight years by The Scientist.

The slogan for St. Jude is “Finding cures. Saving children.” As far as mission statements go, that one is as direct and powerful as they come. St. Jude does incredible research, and it saves the lives of children. Just about everything you would want to know about St. Jude is in those four words of the mission statement. The workers and doctors are as brave as they are brilliant, as charitable as they are courteous, and they don’t even profit off of it. Really, everything you need to know are right in those first-hand accounts of the children whose lives they’ve saved.

So, why wouldn’t Window World TX support St. Jude? Sign up for our golf tournament if you want to help us in that mission.

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