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Posted on November 22, 2016

Alright. Welcome back if you're looking at ways of saving money with your energy bill look no further. Martin Bomba with Window World is here to help you save some amazing cash and actually maybe possibly hook you up with some Spurs tickets just top it all off. So saving money and the Spurs.

How's it going sir? Win win man. Yeah. Win win. So Mr. Bomba let's talk about this you know when it comes to saving money especially in your house is always tough because the winter is cold and the summers hot. How do we keep all the energy inside?

Well the simple answer is energy-efficient replacement windows. And in South Texas the most efficient windows that you can purchase and install in your home are windows that have a good dead air space between two panes of glass with an inert gas filling that dead air space. Argon, in this case. Ok. And that will help save you money both in the summertime and in the wintertime with a good low e coating.

So what we're talking about right now though is wintertime. And there are different options out there. You have double-pane windows, triple-pane windows. If you live in the frigid north triple-pane windows are good idea. In the South there actually a little less efficient in the wintertime or rather in the summertime than a good double pane low e window is but both are good good options. Of course double pane is a little less expensive but does a fantastic job and far exceeds energy star standards in our region.

Right now I want to do a little demonstration if i might (Absolutely please) about what these can do for you in the wintertime. This is a double pane window, not a triple pane, a double pane window. And I've got a freeze spray right here. We're gonna, we're gonna drop the temperature of the glass on the outside of the window. Right now current room temperature is 73 degrees. The glass temperature is about 73 degrees. On the outside just want to show you also 73 degrees. But we're going to do is we're going to drop the outside temperature on this glass, going to try to get it below zero if we possibly can. And this is cold. I can feel it . And it's, yeah, you verify this is, I’m freezing it. That's ice that you're seeing right there.

Ok let's get a little colder listen let's try to get even even colder if we can. Ok so we drop the temperature on the outside of this glass. I'm gonna shoot that it in fact it's so cold that it won't read it. Let's, let's try to hit it again until it gets warm enough to where it will actually read. This does happen, oh, there we go negative 34. So we're 34 degrees below zero on the outside of this glass. Let's take a look on the same spot inside your house. What do we have? We are at 72. 72 degrees, Ok, room temperature inside, negative 34 on the outside. Are we going to get negative 34 in San Antonio? I sure hope not but when it's 30 degrees outside you can imagine what these windows are going to do for you. Again these are double pane insulated window world windows exclusively from Window World.

You know speaking of when the world simply the best for less than a year putting it to the test right now because we have a special offer for our first ten homeowners to actually book an improvement today you'll receive two tickets for an upcoming Spurs game. When it comes down to this. And as well for the everybody that's calling in and you do purchase everything it's going to be 10 high-performance windows for just $3795 installed.

That's the window I'm showing you exactly packaged as I showed you for $3795 installed. First 10 callers today if you book an appointment you end up purchasing a home full of Windows, two free premium Spurs tickets for you.

I love it. Simply the best for less. I like that,  a good saying. And for more information on Window World, they're off of Evers Road. Give them a call to 210-767-0995. Make sure you're one of the first 10 callers, book in and get your money's worth right there. And then of course, more information

Alright everyone don’t go any...

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