Brickstone Masonry

The Patented Process

Brickstone is a patented masonry siding that can be applied over virtually any wall and on any type of foundation. Unlike brick or stone, Brickstone can be applied to homes with slab or pier and beam foundations without the need for additional footings. Brickstone is even perfect for manufactured homes as a skirting or on the full home. Brickstone is applied wet in a patented four step process and can near match almost any stone or brick. Brickstone is full masonry and is more durable than any other siding product. Brickstone is hand applied, hand textured, and hand sculpted to achieve the perfect finish that you desire.

13 Reasons to Choose Brickstone Masonry

  • Brickstone carries a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Brickstone is full masonry
  • Brickstone does not require additional foundation
  • Brickstone can be applied over wood, asbestos, metal, brick, stucco, or just about any surface.
  • Brickstone is virtually impervious to the elements. It is unaffected by wind, rain, salt, or hail.
  • Brickstone is fireproof.
  • Brickstone has been installed on thousands of homes since 1947.
  • Brickstone did not incur a single loss after Hurricane Ceilia in 1970.
  • Brickstone can be made to resemble or near match virtually any stone or brick.
  • Brickstone is maintenance free.
  • Brickstone creates a solid, monolithic air infiltration barrier around your home.
  • Brickstone can lower your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Brickstone is TDI approved

The Brickstone Story

In 1947 Taft Vordenbaum, Sr. founded Brickstone International in San Antonio. Brickstone is a patented masonry siding that can achieve the look of almost any stone or brick. In 1959 Mr. Vordenbaum’s son in law, David Bomba, joined the business, and in 1961 opened Brickstone of South Texas in Corpus Christi. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s Mr. Bomba installed Brickstone on over 1000 homes in the Coastal Bend. In 1970, category 5 hurricane Ceila struck Corpus Christi. In the aftermath, over 5000 brick homes were damaged or destroyed. Brickstone was the only siding product that did not incur a single loss. This distinction created our slogan throughout the 70’s and 80’s… “Ceila Tested & Proven!”

In 2002, Martin Bomba and his wife, Debbie, purchased the business from his father David. And, in 2010, Martin and Debbie purchased Brickstone International from Martin’s Uncle’s Taft Vordenbaum, Jr. and Jack Harris and Aunt Marguerite Harris.

Today, Martin & Debbie Bomba continue the Brickstone legacy. For over 60 years and three generations, Brickstone is still family owned and operated and Brickstone is still the absolute best siding product you can have installed on your home.


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