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Tranquil beaches, glimmering water, gentle winds -- coastal living uniquely captures nature’s finest gifts. And yet, it can also present some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to weather. The high winds often experienced with coastal living demand careful consideration when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. Protect your home from the elements and potential invaders with our high performance coastal impact windows. View a demo of our KeepSafe high impact resistant glass below.

High Performance Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows from Window World let you enjoy the beauty and casual luxury of the many coastal regions without compromising your safety. Precision engineered to withstand extreme wind conditions, our windows are rigorously tested and approved to meet or
exceed the stringent building codes required for many coastal areas, including the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

Certification Criteria
For your own safety and protection, building codes in coastal areas are now stricter and more demanding in terms of materials and product performance. To meet or exceed these codes, the ComfortWorld 4000hp High Performance Windows and i4000 Impact Windows are built to exacting specifications and put to the test.

Air and Water Resistance
Destructive winds are no match for the 4000hp High Performance Windows and i4000 Impact Windows. Using independent American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)-accredited laboratories, these windows are exposed to extreme wind and vigorous water resistance testing. All windows are tested to ASTM E547 for water resistance and to ASTM E283 for air infiltration, and must meet or exceed performance standards for resistance to air and water penetration.
A voluntary organization with more than 60 years of experience, the AAMA is globally recognized for the development of standards that provide third-party validation of product performance and quality. AAMA-approved testing assures that you have selected a high-quality window.

Heat Resistance and Dimensional Stability
Made to exact tolerances and using only the best raw materials, the vinyl extrusions are built to withstand the extreme heat and humidity common to coastal regions. A variety of tests are used to scrutinize stress-related surface changes that may occur due to high heat and humidity. Specifically in the AAMA Heat Resistance Test, these vinyl profiles must endure heat exposure of 300 ̊F without blistering or cracking. In addition, the vinyl extrusions undergo the AAMA Dimensional Stability Test, which measures a vinyl profile’s linear shrinkage at an elevated temperature. Critically tested to these standards and other criteria, the ComfortWorld 4000hp High Performance Windows and i4000 Impact Windows consistently surpass benchmarks for quality and endurance

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