Prodigy Vinyl Siding

If you are looking for energy efficiency, a new look for your home, or siding to match existing trim and accessories, Window World has a vinyl siding option to meet your needs. Each panel design offers specific benefits, and during your free in-home demonstration, our certified home improvement specialist will discuss which product is best for you.

The Prodigy Wall System is the most advanced vinyl siding on the market. Boasting the thickest EPS foam insulation on the market – up to 1-1/2" thick*, the Prodigy Wall System provides increased insulation value, therefore helping to decrease energy consumption in your home. The exterior surface provides the rigid feel, course lines, and beauty of a real wood product. The durability of Window World's Prodigy Wall System will protect your home against the elements now, and for years to come.

Prodigy Features:

  • TrueForm Design
  • RigidLock Locking feature
  • Premium 6" exposure width
  • Up to 1-1/2" precisely contoured insulation*
  • Subtle, finely milled cedar grain finish
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty

* - Nominal

Meets Performance
Imagine that you could keep every corner of your home at the perfect temperature year-round. And yet save money. That’s the Prodigy ComfortFactor.
Prodigy’s energy-efficient design features the thickest EPS foam insulation on the market – up to 11/2" thickness* for exceptional thermal performance. This high-density insulation combines with a beautiful and robust cedargrain vinyl panel, creating the ideal exterior for your home. The special features of this interlocking siding system together achieve enhanced R-value (resistance to heat flow) for year-round energy savings and comfort, yet allow Prodigy to breathe freely to resist water retention.

Home is where your values are realized, not compromised.
The uncompromising approach of our engineers and designers means Prodigy is a realization of your values, from any perspective. From flawless appearance and unsurpassed insulation that can increase the value of your home, to true maintenance freedom, reduced energy bills and a worry-free warranty that complements your lifestyle, Prodigy is the embodiment of what you value.

Prodigy is a statement of conscience.
Designed to be both maintenance-free and environmentally friendly, Prodigy will never require painting, sealing, staining, cleaning or treating with chemicals that can be toxic or harmful. Over the life of a home, treating or maintaining traditional wood siding with these products can have a cumulative and potentially detrimental impact on your family and the environment that you may not be aware of. And because Prodigy is made of synthetic and abundant resources, you are not contributing to the depletion of our forest ecosystems. Prodigy’s highly durable and weather- tight construction also ensures a long service life with outstanding thermal protection for your home – further reducing the consumption of fossil fuels for heating and cooling for years to come.

Prodigy Insulated siding

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