Window World 4000 Vinyl Siding

Window World 4000 vinyl siding is engineered to protect your home in a number of ways. Its premium 1-1/4" thick contoured insulating underlayment is designed to wrap your home in a cozy blanket of insulated protection. With a Perm Rating of 5, Window World 4000 vinyl siding does not trap moisture, and allows your exterior walls to breathe freely. Designed to deliver 5 times more impact resistance than conventional siding, the result is a beautiful and durable siding system that will withstand typical household accidents, and also Mother Nature's worst.

A combination of a rolled-over nail hem and specially designed locking system provide superior wall attachment strength. In fact, our siding has been independently tested to withstand category 5, hurricane-force winds. This design also provides another, perhaps more important attribute, superior rigidity, helping to ensure straight course lines and even walls on both new and existing homes, with a Lifetime, transferable warranty.

Window World 4000 Vinyl Siding Features:

  • Premium 1-1/4" thickness with insulation*
  • Advanced Rolled-over Nail Hem
  • Unique Panel Locking Design
  • Superior Durability
  • Straight and True Course Lines
  • Richly detailed oak grain or matte finish
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Charter Oak siding samples

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