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Siding Replacement San Antonio and Corpus Christi

New home siding is the perfect way to increase the efficiency, value and curb appeal of your home. Window World TX is proud to offer several energy-efficient home siding options for homeowners looking for smart home updates. Our vinyl siding and full masonry Brickstone siding can be customized to complement each and every home!

The insulating properties of vinyl siding and full masonry siding slow heat gain, stop energy loss and can even protect your home from fire and extreme weather conditions. Visit your local Window World TX to view multiple home siding options and how you can customize them!

Brickstone Masonry

Brickstone is a patented masonry siding that can be applied over virtually any wall and on any type of foundation. Unlike brick or stone, Brickstone can be applied to homes with slab or pier and beam foundations without the need for additional footings. Learn more >>


Window World 1500

Window World 1500 siding never stops working for you–in both design and strength it symbolizes the highest standard of beauty and performance. Learn more >>


Window World 2000

Quality and value effortlessly combine to bring you Window World 2000 vinyl siding. An advanced lock design system secures panels tightly. This secure fit combined with durability results in a lasting appearance with exceptional strength. Learn more >>


Window World 4000

Window World 4000 siding is engineered to protect your investment in several ways–by saving energy dollars, providing increased performance and durability, and keeping your siding beautiful for a lifetime. Learn more >>


Window World 6000

Built for long lasting beauty and durability, Window World 6000 vinyl siding will stand the test of time. Your home will have the charming appeal without the fuss of upkeep that’s ideal for everyday life. Learn more >>



Prodigy siding delivers outstanding performance and energy efficiency in one package. Prodigy creates a powerful blanket of insulation around your home, and with a Perm rating of 5, also breathes freely to allow moisture vapor to escape. Learn more >>



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